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Our enterprise, state of emergency “Alanbud”, has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 2003.

At the beginning of 2012, we started and launched the first phase of the new production - we mastered the production of knitted work gloves with a PVC point and gloves without a PVC pattern of the MasterOK trademark. Our knitted gloves are knitted on modern computer-controlled high-performance knitting machines. Such machines make it possible to flexibly conduct production and quickly establish the release of new product models.

Semi-automatic lines for drawing a PVC pattern on knitted gloves working in the form of a dot, matting, etc., allow to obtain a high-quality polymer coating on the palms of the working gloves, which gives them additional strength.

The advantages of our company in fully ensuring the production of MasterOK work gloves are our own supplies of high-quality raw materials.

We buy high-quality cotton yarn only from direct manufacturers of both domestic and foreign production, which allows us to achieve high quality of the final product and low cost.

At the moment, we offer several dozen models of knitted work gloves “MasterOK” with a PVC point and uncoated gloves. This range is constantly expanding, replenished with new articles and custom models. We offer the customer gloves that best meet his needs - for example, work gloves made of 100% cotton without the use of synthetic threads, or work gloves with PVC coating and the company logo.

The Alanbud enterprise is open for cooperation - we work with large retail chains and small shops, work clothing companies and private entrepreneurs, with large enterprises and small workshops. You have the opportunity to buy first-hand work gloves, get the best prices and conditions from the manufacturer.

We are ready to cooperate with you!